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Bullet R1 V2 By Aillio

Bullet R1 V2 By Aillio


The Bullet R1 V2

Probably the best little coffee roaster in the world.

The Aillio Bullet R1 is a versatile sample roaster for the professional or the perfect solution for the amateur as you take your coffee and roasting to the next level with roast quality and control.

The abundance of features and technology is unrivalled, particularly for a 1kg roaster at this price point, and allows for control, precision, and limitless ...



Meet FrankOne




FrankOne is a coffee brewer developed to produce both hot filter coffee and cold brew coffee on the one device, using the patent pending VacTec Technology.


VacTec uses a vacuum with negative pressure to pull water through a bed of ground coffee, in turn accelerating the extraction time to achieve a smooth coffee with more flavour in a shorter amount of time. The secret is 7psi of negative pressure applied to finely ground coffee.


Delivering the most efficient cold brewing method, FrankOne maintains the same concentration, sweetness, and low acidity of a traditional cold brew, with the finished product ready to drink in as little as four minutes...

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