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For over 20 years we’ve been proud to deliver some of the world’s premier coffee equipment brands to both the Australian hospitality industry and home enthusiasts. More importantly, we are proud of the lasting relationships and trust we’ve built with our customers, retail network, and manufacturers alike.
We believe it’s our willingness to go the extra mile, uncompromising quality control, and our team’s unparalleled industry knowledge that has stood the test of time…
We believe in honouring the craft of coffee.

Quality coffee equipment manufacturers

Our World leading brands

Espresso Company is partnered with internationally recognised leading brands, to bring you the very best coffee machines and equipment on the market. We have carefully curated our product offering to ensure we can cater to everyone, whether you are a professional barista, café owner or want to enjoy convenient, quality coffee at home with your very own coffee machine.

Rocket espresso

One of our most popular brands, Rocket Espresso is well regarded as premium coffee equipment suppliers.

For many years, their team of craftsmen have produced the highest quality espresso machines for domestic and commercial customers. Each is beautifully made with care and a meticulous attention to detail.


Aillio are manufacturers of highly distinctive professional-grade coffee equipment, including a unique 1kg electric roaster known as the Bullet R1. We believe the Bullet is poised to change the way people think and approach roasting.


ANFIM has been a presence in the international commercial espresso market for many years, and is ranked amongst the top manufacturers of espresso coffee grinders because their range is of the highest quality with a focus on their functional design, performance and flavour.


A company that live espresso.

ECM manufacture premium, semi-automatic espresso machines and grinders with the handmade quality evident in the models they produce both across the home and commercial equipment lines.

ECM are driven by progression and innovation to deliver equipment with the utmost functionality, and optimal usage.


Manufactured in Milan, STONE Espresso is set to reinvent the
coffee space. STONE shares a range of home espresso machines delivering fast
ignition, a small footprint, and the ability to replace the slabs, so that your espresso machine can change as you do. The design carries through to the performance of the machine with internal build optimised for incredible thermal stability.

Kees van der Westen

A brand recognised for their approach to manufacturing espresso machines with high precision and high performance at the forefront. In addition to this each KvdW espresso machine is built by the eye and able to be customised to suit any style of setting.


The bar has been lifted for the home capsule coffee machine, with the Morning machine offering better control for your capsule brewing experience yet maintaining the convenience of a capsule coffee machine. The ability to personalise your capsule coffee and access to roaster recipes means you can taste coffee the way the roaster intended it to be.


GINO was established in Taiwan 2004 by a group of professionals specialised in research and development, design, manufacturing and management.
The company produces equipment with unique functionality dedicated to improving product quality and efficiency in the desired setting.


VBM are based in Milan with an extensive fourty year history of manufacturing espresso machines. Launching their new campaign, As Once and Never Before, VBM have introduced two lines being VBM 1961 and VBM Technique which compliment both the tradition and evolution of the company.

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