PT2 – Precision Tamp 2 (Automatic Coffee Tamper)
PT2 – Precision Tamp 2 (Automatic Coffee Tamper)
PT2 – Precision Tamp 2 (Automatic Coffee Tamper)
PT2 – Precision Tamp 2 (Automatic Coffee Tamper)

PT2 – Precision Tamp 2 (Automatic Coffee Tamper)


Keeping the quality consistent – Quick, Easy, Smart

The Precision Tamp 2 (PT2) is an effective automatic tamping solution for efficiency, consistency, and flavour development when producing espresso.



Hugely beneficial on the espresso bar, the PT2 takes minimal space, eases workload on the Barista, and produces precise and consistent tamping across varying baristas. Safety considered, the PT2 only operates when metal activates the sensor removing the risk of human contact.



The patent GLS autocorrects an uneven portafilter handle into the correct position for an evenly distributed and perfectly flat coffee bed surface.

This ultimately prevents channelling caused from inconsistent and or uneven tamping angles and pressures avoiding under or over extraction.



Segmented multi tamping can be programmed over 1 -3 pressure applications, with a range from 2 kg to 38 kg. This feature delivers incredible control and options to experiment with multiple tamps at different pressures within a tamp cycle to explore and further develop your coffee.

Example: 1st Tamp value set at (e.g.) 8 kg followed by the 2nd Tamp at (e.g.) 30 kg of pressure or any value combination in between 2 kg – 38 kg.


Key Features

  • Patent GLS - Guides the handle into correct position for an absolute flat even tamp.
  • User Friendly – Easy to use, Quick to set up, Smart features.
  • Segmented Multi Tamping - Pre-Set from 1 to 3 tamp cycles.
  • Pressure Control - largest on the market from 2 kg to 38 kg.
  • Small Footprint - maximising bench space upon a sturdy non-slip suction cup base.
  • Sleep Mode – Overnight screen saver.
  • Total Tamp Cycle Counter – up to 10,000 cycles.
  • Longevity - fatigue tested past one million cycles without wavering.
  • Non-Stick - nano technology coating for clean tamping.




Tamp Disk Diameter 58.3 mm Flat Base, option 57mm, 58mm
Pressure range From 2 kg to 38 kg
Tamp Cycle speed 1.2 Secs
Power to transformer 10 amp - 240V 50/60Hz
Voltage from transformer to PT2 12V DC
Weight 3.7 kg
Dimensions on Bench H x W (mm) H: 318 mm x W: 127 mm round diameter base
Materials Strong cast alloy housing and all metal features


Precision Tamp 2 Video