VacOne is a coffee brewer which uses patent pending VacTec technology, for air to brew coffee.


VacOne is a coffee brewer which uses patent pending VacTec technology, for air to brew coffee, which results in the smoothest cup of coffee and the quickest cold brew you have ever made.

Applying 7psi of air pressure and separating the bloom from the finished cup, VacOne reduces bitterness and produces an even extraction.

The technology tweaks to parameters to accelerate the extraction time for cold brew coffee, being pressure and surface area of ground coffee.This will deliver the same concentrate of traditional cold brew methods in only 4 minutes.



Grind, pour and press. It is that simple.

Once the coffee is ground and correct temperature of water per brewing method, poured over the grounds, all that is left is to wait briefly and then activate the extraction with a simple press of the button. VacOne uses a reusable metal filter and is rechargeable via USB in 2 hours to make over 100 cups of coffee.



This is a dream product story, where the origin of the product is directly linked to the origin of coffee. Both founders are based in coffee growing regions of Colombia and Guatemala, with one family boasting 5 generations of coffee producers. This brings hundreds of years of coffee knowledge to this project, for making a balanced cup of coffee at home.



VacOne has a feature setting it apart from other manual brewers, the patent pending VacTec™ (vacuum extraction technology). VacTec™ uses negative pressure to force water through a bed of ground coffee, extracting more of the flavours coffee has to offer and reducing bitterness.

This method generates pressure that is strong enough to allow brewing with any grind size, from very fine, to very coarse. Different grind sizes mean the possibility of preparing a wide range of brew types and cup profiles – hot filter coffee to cold brew – all from the one machine.


Key Features

  • Can brew both hot filter coffee and cold brew coffee from the one device.
  • Record time brewing with filter coffee brewed to Gold Cup Standard within 30 seconds and cold brew within 4 minutes.
  • Sustainable: A reusable metal mesh filter, reducing waste by using paper filters
  • Rechargeable via USB, 2 hours charge for up to 100 uses.




Brew styles Both hot filter coffee and cold brew
Volume Can deliver up to 14oz
Filter Reusable metal mesh filter
Power USB rechargeable
Charge life 2 hours charge for up to 100 brews
Carafe Hand-made borosilicate glass carafe
Dimensions (w x d x h) cm 12 x 12 x 20


VacTec Animation

VacTec Animation


VacOne Video