Elektronika Profi Due

Elektronika Profi Due

A performance focused machine, the Elektronika Due is designed to deliver a simple and fast operation with the finesse in flavour expected of an espresso machine produced by ECM.

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Compact yet powerful the Due features user friendly controls, with 4 x programmable portion controls allowing consistent dosing and an automatic back flushing cycle, for an efficient end of day clean.

With the flexibility of being conncected to main water connection or operating from an internal water reservoir, this is the perfect opportunity to add an espresso machine into a smaller café or restaurant without needing to accommodate plumbing requirements. Or an ideal solution for a coffee cart or office space to deliver volume and consistency in the simplest format.


  • A compact footprint with 4 programmable portion controls
  • The option to be connected to mains water supply or operate from the internal reservoir.
  • Automatic back flush cycle
  • Professional tilt valves for steam and hot water operation
  • -          2 ergonomically angled ECM portafilters with balanced weight distribution


Model  Elektronika Profi Due 
2 Group 
Shot Timer- -
Volumetric Yes
Pressure Control
Steam Wands Non - Burn 
Group Style E61 style
Temperature Control Thermosyphon 
Boiler Style Copper Heat Exchange  
Boiler Capacity  4 litres
Internal Reservoir 3 Litres  
Wattage 2500W 
Cup Clearance  15cm 
Width (mm) 585
Depth (mm) 475
Height (mm) 445
Warranty  12 Months Manufacturers 
List Price inc GST $6,999.00

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