Anfim Luna

Anfim Luna

The Anfim Luna features a modern design and clever user centric features.

Boasting newly developed 65mm flat steel burrs, Luna promises impressive speed and grind quality, as well as an intuitive grinding experience for baristas. An innovative 3.5 – inch touchscreen display seamlessly guides the user through 3 programmable recipes that can be locked for different user groups. It's also where baristas can track and explore a breadth of statistical usage metrics for the grinder.

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For efficient workflow, hands free grinding is activated once the portafilter is seated within the cradle and engages the switch. While the adjustable and easy to remove spout can be tweaked to suit any portafilter. 

Luna has three burr options available to tailor for different sites and their requirements with cost, longevity and speed considered. 

  • Innovative 3.5 inch touchscreen-display with open interface for third-party content
  • 3 programmable recipes to lock dosing settings via owner control password and ‘manual mode’
  • Adjustable and easily removable spout for clean and centered dosing
  • Simple service access to all frequently serviced parts without requiring full disassembly.
  • Quiet performance
  • Available with 3 burr options for varying speed and grind delivery (Different geometry on the burrs)       
  • Standard Luna Burrs – 65mm steel, 3-4g per second
  • Optional Burr set A – 65mm steel, 4-6g per second

  • Optional Burr set C- 65mm special steel, 4-6g per second. Increased longevity

Model  Luna 
Burr Type
Flat Burr / Hardened Steel
Burr Size
Grind Setting
530W/ 1800RPM
Hopper Capacity
On Demand / Portion Control
Wattage 240V/ 10AMP
Width (mm) 195
Depth (mm) 371
Height (mm) 580
Weight (kg) 11
Warranty  12 Months Manufacturers
List Price inc GST

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