Domestic Grinders

FAUSTO by Rocket Espresso

FAUSTO by Rocket Espresso

Showcasing many features to simplify and execute the frind and dose process, FAUSTO grinder is the perfect model to refine technique and deliver flavour.

  1. An electronic grind on demand coffee grinder 
  2. Touch screen digital display with programmable dual control buttons 
  3. Infinite micrometric stepless adjustments
  4. Option to pause grind mid delivery to evenly distribute particles 
  5. 65mm tempered stainless steel flat burrs

    The Fausto coffee grinder by Rocket Espresso is the impeccable companion for your espresso machine.

    The touch screen digital display with shot counter and programmable dual control buttons allows for quick adjustments and effortless portion control. Providing an immediate response to any change in dose and micrometric grind settings.

    Faustino by Rocket Espresso

    Faustino by Rocket Espresso

    If FAUSTO was going to have a son, Faustino would be small and compact, but like his father, after a plate of Spaghetti, a powerful boy. Faustino is beautifully branded that absolutely completes any Rocket domestic set up in your home or office!

    Faustino shares the same precision in quality, features and finish as the bigger Fausto. Sporting only a slightly scaled down power output within a smaller footprint, that of course takes up less space on a benchtop.

    1. The robust interface hosts 3 programmable settings and a continuous dose option, activated by a touch icon
    2. The adjustment mechanism has a zero-point for calibration
    3. A hands-free cradle, with a height adju...
    Anfim BEST On Demand

    Anfim BEST On Demand


    At the heart of good coffee


    Milan is our origin
    Espresso is our tradition
    Grinding is our passion


    The ANFIM BEST On Demand (OD) Grinder, designed to meet both the needs and wants of the most discerning home barista.


    For over 50 years, ANFIM has been manufacturing grinders by hand in the heart of Milan. The brand is renowned for its international success with the ANFIM commercial grinder range, in particular that of the SPII. This success has inspired the relaunch of the ANFIM BEST model, which incorporates features from the SPII to get you to the next level in coffee extraction. 


    The focus of ANFIM has been integrating precision, high quality components and handcrafted attention to detail in the little body of this big perfo...