Spirit Triplette

Spirit Triplette

The Spirit is a state of the art, multiple espresso boiler machine. Developed with the demands of very high output and one goal in mind, extreme precision whatever you throw at it. 

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Equipped with multiple boilers, one large steam boiler and one boiler per group to heat water and brew coffee. For increased thermal stability, there is a PID temperature control for each boiler with the display in full easy view.

The standard model is equipped with 2 external pumps, one to extract coffee, one to re-fill the steam boiler and to add some cold water to the hot waterspout this ensures the steam boiler can be re-filled without impacting the espresso extraction. Each boiler is equipped with its own electronic temperature control system, heating element and safety devices offering extremely precise temperature stability.

A slow automatic infusion process with a stepless build of pressure to full extraction mode, allows for a finer grind. Creating more surface, for a higher yield in the cup.

  • Shot timers, installed in full view, right above each group.
  • Intuitive operation by levers. Group levers offer 2 automatic shot volumes per group. These can also be programmed at endless, to offer on-off operation.
  • Auto-back-flush program
  • One separate PID temperature controller for each boiler, display in full easy view.
  • Energy saving Eco mode on each temperature controller, for nights and/or weekends.
  • Choice of touch pad to activate the group, offering 4 automatic volumes plus continuous, or the Bastone lever, offering 2 automatic volumes plus continuous. 
  • Drip tray quickly adjustable in height,
  • Elevated position of body, easy cleaning of bar surface, yet low enough to allow comfortable barista-customer contact.
Model  Spirit Triplette
3 Group
Shot Timer
Volume Tric Yes
Pressure Control -
Steam Wands Stainless Steel
Group Style Fully Saturated
Temperature Control PID
Boiler Style Multi Boiler/Mixed Material
Boiler Capacity 25.8 (19.5 + 2.1 x 3)
Wattage 9.4 - 10.1 kW
Cup Clearance 74 - 134
Width (mm) 1450
Depth (mm) 710
Height (mm) 450
Warranty (mm) 12 Months Manufacturers
List Price ex GST

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