The Kees Van der Westen Speedster is a commercial espresso machine in every sense of the term, packaged in a sleek and customisable body that fits seamlessly onto any bench. Kees Van Der Westen deliver unmatched attention to detail and craftsmanship, featuring aircraft grade aluminium side panels that are milled and painted with the user’s choice of contrast colours. Body options are also highly customisable, with engine turned stainless steel or crackle black powder coating as standard.

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The Speedster is designed with perfect extraction in mind, with a large 3.5 litre steam boiler, independently heated brew boiler and PID control allowing the user to profile their recipe for perfect results. Temperature stability and control is unmatched, with commercial PID and solid-state relay system that results in responsive and accurate heating.

The addition of an Idro-matic group offers a wide variation of pressure profiles, especially when paired with the inbuilt pre-infusion lever it delivers a soft, slow water flow to achieve complete saturation of the coffee bed. The Speedster is one of the best single group espresso machines that money can buy and would make a great addition to any high-end coffee setup.

  • Customisable Body Options and high-quality stainless-steel build
  • Stainless Steel Boiler System
  • Solid State Relay Heating system and PID controlled boiler to ensure no moving parts
  • Self-Bleeding Group
  • Stainless Steel Group Solenoid Valve
  • External Commercial Rotary Pump and Motor
  • Adjustable Height Drip Tray
  • Shift Lever for Group Activation allowing for pre-infusion
Model  Speedster
1 Group
Shot Timer
Volume Tric Yes
Pressure Control -
Steam Wands Stainless Steel
Group Style Fully Saturated
Temperature Control PID
Boiler Style Multi Boiler/Mixed Material
Boiler Capacity 5.6 (2.1 + 3.5)
Wattage 3.1 kW
Cup Clearance -
Width (mm) 480
Depth (mm) 650
Height (mm) 370
Warranty  12 Months Manufacturers
List Price ex GST

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