Mirage Triplette

Mirage Triplette

A beautifully crafted and designed machine, The Mirage is a twist on the classic E61 type thermosyphon system. 

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With a heating system based on the thermosyphon system, inside the Mirage is a large copper boiler, equipped with a heat exchanger for each group

Available as a 2 or 3 Group espresso machine, the Mirage is made to order so that a customised finish can be selected to best fit the needs of a unique café concept. 

The well-proven E61 style system offers everything you need from a professional espresso machine, meticulous temperature stability, a beautiful pre-infusion and huge steam capacity.

  • There are a number of exterior design options to personalise the Mirage for a unique space
  • An updated version of the well proven E61 and thermosyphon system
  • Individual Thermosyphon system for each group head
  • Large steam capacity for strong and consistent performance
Model  Mirage Triplette
3 Group
Shot Timer
Volume Tric No
Pressure Control Progressive preinfusion
Steam Wands Stainless Steel
Group Style E61
Temperature Control PID
Boiler Style Heat Exchange/Copper
Boiler Capacity 19
Wattage 5.2 kW
Cup Clearance -
Width (mm) 1060
Depth (mm) 680
Height (mm) 500
Warranty (mm) 12 Months Manufacturers
List Price ex GST

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