Heylo Milk Module

Heylo Milk Module

An innovative milk system, Heylo is designed to equip the café with a practical solution to delivering high quality textured milk consistently and efficiently.

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Using the same induction heating system as the Heylo Espresso Module, the milk system has a 2-part coil system, with the first heating the milk and the second achieving the target temperature, purely by air with no dilution of the milk. 

There are three programmable temperatures that can be set with each module and the ability to adapt foam density, and the temperature of the foam – even offering cold foam.

The system can run dual milk options from the same unit, without cross contamination.

Adaptable for any workspace roasters can customise the number of modules to exactly what their customers need. With magnetic panels, a café can add either an espresso or milk module as their volume increases.

  • Program the volume of milk
  • Ability to run two milk options from the one module
  • Three programmable temperature profiles
  • Ability to program foam density
  • Induction heating for energy efficiency and low wastage
  • Flexible to support your business a workstation can be setup and increased with any number of coffee or milk modules
Model  Heylo Milk Module
Milk Options  2 Milk Types
Shot Timer
Volumetric Yes  Time based
Pump Style Gear Pump
Steam Wands Automatic milk dispenser
Milk Texture Variable air inject 
Temperature Range 0-65 degrees
Boiler Style Induction
Boiler Capacity -
Wattage 2.8 kW
Cleaning  Automatic
Width (mm) 315
Depth (mm) 430
Height (mm) 420
Warranty (mm) 12 Months Manufacturers
List Price inc GST

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