Heylo Coffee Module

Heylo Coffee Module

A progressive and flexible espresso machine, Heylo has an incredible amount of technology built into each module to customise not only the workspace but how you explore coffee.

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Induction heating offers an energy and water saving solution to brewing espresso. It also offers instantaneous heating and the ability to reduce the temperature during the brewing process with no reliance on pre-heated water within the boiler.

Packed full of options, the Heylo espresso module allows coffee to be explored through pressure profiling, flow rate and temperature profiling. With a huge number of recipes that can be programmed into the machine and altered on the fly as you brew.

Adaptable for any workspace roasters can customise the number of modules to exactly what their customers need. With magnetic panels, a café can add either an espresso or milk module as their volume increases.

  • Quick heat up cycle
  • Ability to build custom recipes for different coffees or flavour profiles
  • Measure and change brewing parameters including temperature, flow rate and pressure
  • Induction temperature control allows you to brew coffee at any temp ranging from 40-97 degrees Celsius
  • Create temperature profiles with diverse starting and ending temperatures
  • Flow and pressure control which allows you to brew coffee based on a water flow rate or different pressure stages
  • The smart alarm will let you know whether your recipe needs adjustments
  • Flexible to support your business a workstation can be setup and increased with any number of coffee or milk modules
  • Save on energy – depending on usage save up to 90% on energy consumption compared to a traditional machine setup
Model  Heylo Coffee Module 
1 Group per module
Shot Timer
Volumetric Yes
Pressure Control Flow pressure 
Steam Wands -
Group Style Fully Saturated 
Temperature Control Induction 
Boiler Style -
Boiler Capacity -
Wattage 3.8 kW
Cup Clearance 86 (Tall 120)
Width (mm) 397
Depth (mm) 430
Height (mm) 375
Warranty (mm) 12 Months Manufacturers
List Price inc GST

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