Aillio Bullet R1 V2
Aillio Bullet R1 V2
Aillio Bullet R1 V2
Aillio Bullet R1 V2
Aillio Bullet R1 V2

Aillio Bullet R1 V2


The Bullet R1 V2

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Probably the best little coffee roaster in the world.

The Aillio Bullet R1 is a versatile sample roaster for the professional or the perfect solution for the amateur as you take your coffee and roasting to the next level with roast quality and control.



The abundance of features and technology is unrivalled, particularly for a 1kg roaster at this price point, and allows for control, precision, and limitless exploration for the development of coffee.

Induction heating paired with the infrared bean temperature sensor (IBTS) makes the Bullet an incredibly efficient roaster with instantaneous reactions to adjustments and real time data presented throughout the roast.

The zero-lag time from the IBTS gives the flexibility to roast from 200g up to 1kg with consistency across the varying batch sizes.

Data for power, fan and drum speed changes will all be automatically recorded via software program RoasTime, this will also log bean temperature data. Each roast will be recorded with the playback option available to duplicate a roast profile that you like, and tweak variables where required.

Aillio have developed an online community via Roast.World where profiles can be shared, and you can connect with other roasters or other Aillio users anywhere in the world. The Bullet R1 is more than a roaster, it is an experience.


Key Features

More power. Fine control. Better data.

  • Electromagnetic induction heating is highly responsive and easily able to bring a full kg of bean to first crack in under 12 minutes with none of the hassles and danger of gas.
  • Infrared bean temperature sensing provides unparalleled speed, accuracy, and consistency for the best roasting data available anywhere.
  • 9 power levels, 12 fan speeds, 9 drum speeds and a preheat range from 160°C to 310°C allow for fine-control of the roasting process.
  • RoasTime roast profiling and management software logs every roast for your reference and study, and also grants you access to the Roast.World website, an ever-evolving community where you can share your roasting profiles, recipes, and experiences with other users.




Heating Induction Heating
Voltage 220V-240V
Power 1550W
Maximum recommended ambient temperature 30◦c
Drum Multi-vane, 5.9L solid drum
Exhaust Fan 78mm removable aluminium centrifugal fan easy for cleaning
Bean loading Through funnel
Bean Ejection Manual
Bean Cooling Tray Detachable. Fan cooling. Connected to underside of roaster
Bean Roast Temp Max 245◦C
Chaff Collector Detachable. Empty every 2-3kg of roasting
Roast Capacity Maximum 1000g, Minimum 100g (fastest roasting for 1kg to first crack is 10-12min)
Monthly Capacity 100kg
Size (L x W x H) cm 59 x 31 x 42 (L: 75cm including bean cooler)
Weight 18kg
Protection Electronics over temperature on both PCBs. Heater over temperature protection. Fan lock protection on all fans.
Fault logging System status is monitored on all major components


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