About Us

We are a nineteen year old company and considered one of Australia’s most established suppliers of coffee equipment. For us it’s about finding the right product to suit each individual or business and their environment whether it be for the coffee roaster, espresso bar, café to the home barista.


Based in Sydney we are uniquely positioned to work alongside a network of companies within the Australian coffee industry, making access to the brands we carry and continued support, simple throughout the country.


We engage closely with our manufacturers who share our passion for delivering high quality equipment consistently whilst continuing to explore the evolving world of coffee and advances in the search for flavour with developments to their product range.


From the guidance of espresso equipment selection and thorough internal Quality Control through to after sales service and support, our approachable team are highly skilled and a dynamic mix of individuals who aim to share their experience and knowledge of our products with you.




Our Brands

Rocket Espresso produces the finest espresso machines in the tradition of ‘Fatto a Mano’ translated into, ‘made by hand’. 


Their small team of craftsmen produce first-class domestic and commercial espresso machines, beautifully made with meticulous care and attention to detail.


Continuously developing both product lines, Rocket Espresso create quality equipment to continue the exploration and possibilities of espresso.

Aillio are manufacturers of highly distinctive professional-grade coffee equipment, including a unique 1kg electric coffee roaster known as the Bullet R1 that we believe is poised to change the way people approach and think about roasting.


With functionality and design at the forefront, the creative Aillio team have big ideas and their aim is to create beautiful additions to the world of coffee. Elegant, clever and useful tools

La Vibiemme are based in Milan with an extensive forty year history of manufacturing espresso machines. Launching their new campaign, As Once and Never Before, Vibiemme have introduced two lines being VBM 1961 and VBM Technique which compliment both the tradition and evolution of the company.


VBM 1961 continues to produce equipment with modern aesthetics whilst preserving distinctive features for a timeless charm. 


The VBM Technique, is a range of more advanced, intuitive and quality products that will anticipate and meet the desires of the barista to express creativity.




ANFIM S.r.l began manufacturing premium quality espresso grinders for professional and private use at their factory in the heart of Milan over 50 years ago.


ANFIM have established themselves with a broad presence internationally, in the commercial espresso market. 


Bearing the slogan “in the heart of good coffee” ANFIM finds itself amongst the top ranked espresso coffee grinders due to the high quality, sturdy and functional design of the range.


A member of renowned grinder manufacturer the Swiss Hemro Group, ANFIM continues to grow rapidly and apply developments to products as the industry evolves.

Barcelona, Spain, is the home for Quality Espresso, manufacturer of the Q10 Coffee Grinder.


Dating back to the origin of the company in 1967, Quality Espresso manufactures a range of products and holds a strong presence in the production and distribution of professional equipment particularly related to the preparation of coffee.

PLUS (Gino Creation Ltd) was established in Taiwan 2004 by a group of professionals specialised in research and development, design, manufacturing and management.


The company produces equipment with unique functionality dedicated to improving product quality and efficiency in the desired setting.