In late 2023 we had the pleasure of announcing the pinnacle of collaborations with the prestigious partnership of ECM and Mercedes AMG, bringing together two worlds of excellence in engineering and design. With a partnership that celebrates the art of precision and the passion for peak performance, we introduced the limited release of the Synchronika Edition 1 and Automatik 64 Edition 1.

The Synchronika Edition 1 is not just a coffee machine, it’s a statement. Inspired by the sleek lines and powerful presence of Mercedes AMG vehicles, this machine promises to deliver a coffee experience that’s as smooth and robust as the ride of a luxury sports car. With its dual boiler system and PID control, you can expect a coffee that is brewed to perfection, mirroring the meticulous attention to detail found in every AMG engine.

Precision grinding at its finest, complimenting the Synchronika is the Automatik 64 Edition 1 grinder. It’s the ideal partner, providing consistency and control over every granule, much like the precision handling of an AMG Mercedes on the track. This grinder is not just about power, it’s about elegance and the refinement of delivering the perfect grind, time after time. Ensuring that your coffee has the depth of flavour and aromas that create the morning ritual and drive for the day.

FOR THE LOVERS OF POWER PERFORMANCE AND COFFEE This collaboration is a tribute to those who understand that the beauty of machinery lies not only in the aesthetics, but in its performance. AMG Mercedes owners and enthusiasts know that its not just about the end product, but the journey to get there. The Synchronika and Automatik 64 Edition 1 embody this journey. From the first scent of freshly ground coffee to the lingering taste of a velvety espresso.

JOIN THE EXCLUSIVE CLUB Owning one of these limited-edition models is more than an upgrade to your coffee routine, its an entry into an exclusive club of discerning individuals who demand nothing but the best. Whether it’s the power of an AMG engine or the pour of the perfectly pulled espresso shot, you know that you are experiencing the peak of what technology and passion can create.

Experience the fusion of two worlds and discover how Mercedes AMG automotive excellence, paired with ECM’s coffee mastery, can elevate your daily coffee ritual. Embrace the power, performance and luxury that come with the Synchronika and Automatik 64 Edition 1.


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