WCC R Cinquantotto

WCC R Cinquantotto

Rocket Espresso are renowned for their timeless design and style, and the bespoke WCC R Cinqantotto is no exception. This limited-edition release is a collaboration between SCA and Rocket Espresso in celebration of the 2022 World Barista Championships.

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The first issue of this machine will be gifted to the 2022 World Barista Champion and a selective release of 10 additional units are available on pre-order, with arrival late October, 2022.


The side panels of the WCC R Cinquantotto were designed by the SCA team and represent the artwork found in the laneways of Melbourne, homage to the host city of the 2022 WBC.

Just like the laneways, you can get lost in this artwork.

The R Cinquantotto takes domestic espresso to a professional level, delivering a specialty coffee experience at home. With independently controlled dual boiler technology, the user now has uncompromised control over the extraction process allowing them to precisely adjust boiler temperature to suit every bean type and roast style. 

The R Cinquantotto features a vibrant touch screen control pod, on which the barista can select and adjust the temperature of each boiler as well as an automatic on/off timer function meaning the machine is ready to brew on the same schedule as you.

With options often only found on commercial coffee machines, the R Cinquantotto sports an E61 group head, cool touch steam wand and digital Cronometro shot timer. The addition of a commercial rotary pump allows the user to plumb the machine directly into an existing water supply and includes has an external pressure adjustment for easy adjustments.

  • A bespoke limited edition with side panels capturing the essence of the artwork in Melbourne laneways
  • Limited release of 10 units available throughout Australia
  • A dual boiler PID offering the ability to increase or decrease the temperatures within each boiler
  • Detachable touch screen display, where you can navigate programming and set both brew and service boiler temperatures
  • Commercial grade rotary pump offering the option to plumb in or connect to mains water supply
  • Includes the Rocket Cronometro shot timer
Model WCC R Cinquantotto
Shot Timer Yes
Pump Rotary
Thermal Control PID
Boiler Style Dual Boiler
Boiler Capacity (L) 2.38 (1.8 + 0.58)
Water Tank Yes
Hard Plumb Yes
Wattage 1600W, 10 amp
Width (mm) 310
Depth (mm) 440
Height (mm) 385
Unboxed Weight (kg) 29
Warranty 24 Months Manufacturers

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