Lollo by Vibiemme Milan
Lollo by Vibiemme Milan
Lollo by Vibiemme Milan

Lollo by Vibiemme Milan

Ideal for the espresso bar or cafe delivering medium quantities of espresso coffee production on daily basis.  The ergonomically and aesthetically well-designed Lollo proves that simplicity is still a choice. Lollo provides the Barista with what is necessary to create a consistent and quality product. 

  1. The E64 Group for medium demand without compromise to espresso quality.
  2. Single group automatic back flush cycle
  3. A well-positioned circular touch pad adds to the functional and ergonomic design     
  4. Multi-directional toggle lever for easy to use steam valves.            



    Want to know more...

    La Vibiemme are based in Milan, Italy and have an extensive history and credibility in the international market of manufacturing traditional espresso machines spanning over the past 40 years.

    With the wonderful espresso machine history behind Vibiemme, it is no wonder that their machines are not only beautifully designed but also mechanically and technically refined to deliver superior cup results.

    Espresso Company Australia are very proud to introduce the Lollo model which we have worked very closely with VBM to design a machine that has all the specific features that the Australian coffee roaster will require for their freshly roasted coffee accounts along with an extremely competitive price. The Quality and workmanship is true to VBM’s 40 year history of espresso machine manufacturing.

    The philosophy behind Lollo is for the café or restaurant requiring medium levels of espresso coffee production on a daily basis. The Lollo offers the perfect solution with its performance and design.

    Lollo provides the barista with a functional and ergonomic design together with open work space, ease of use lever operated steam valves and the introduction of a circular well positioned touch pad. The VBM E64 group heads offer stable heat conduction and retention, which is essential for the best possible extraction of espresso as tested over many years of manufacturing.