Ratio Pro
Ratio Pro
Ratio Pro

Ratio Pro

Introducing the Ratio Pro.
Built for coffee shops, hotel lobbies and the office. Built to inspire, and to endure.
Convenience without compromise.

In 2015, we released the Ratio Eight, which marries the precision of pour-over coffee with the elegance of a one-touch operation. We pre-sold over 1,600 orders before we even built the machine. We created a new, responsible supply chain to fulfill our promise of pristine materials. People loved their Eights so much they sent us handwritten letters. How do you improve on perfection?



•    iOS/Android-controlled for remote use and custom brew recipes
•    One-button functionality
•    Instant heating technology to cut energy usage by half compared to competitors

•    Compact design without a bulky water boiler
•    Built of rugged-yet-refined formed stainless steel with minimal plastic
•    Simple, intuitive user interface with two recipes easy accessible.

•    $895 MSRP, with generous volume discounts available
•    Versatile components that accommodates many Bunn, Curtis, and Fetco airpots & filter baskets. Ratio 2 liter carafe and filter basket coming soon.
•    Reusable hardware and easy access to internal components; designed for techs to easily service

•    Precise control of water temp and brew time via a PID controller
•    Wide and gentle shower head for an even extraction
•    The result: consistent, balanced, perfectly extracted coffee.