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Ratio Eight
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Ratio Eight
Ratio Eight
Ratio Eight
Ratio Eight

Ratio Eight

The Ratio EIGHT, a new paragon in brewed filter coffee. Designed and produced in Portland Oregon to strike the ideal balance between beauty and performance transitioning the precision of pour over into a simple, elegant, one touch ritual.

Engineered For Extraordinary Coffee

Ratio is smarter than your average filter coffee Brewer. Beneath the exterior is precise brewing science, an automated formula.

Ratio is equipped with a powerful 1400 watt heating element. Where lesser machines struggle to maintain the optimum temperature – brewing either too hot or too cold – Ratio consistency delivers water at or near the optimum temperature of 94°c degrees.

Gathering feedback from champion brewers, baristas and our customer base, Ratio have developed a machine that emulates a manual pour-over, fine-tuned to provide a sweet cup that lacks bitterness.

An optimal supply of hot water pours over freshly roasted and ground coffee causing a bubbly interaction called a “bloom.” The control board of Ratio applies a bloom cycle that allows the bloom to settle down before delivering the rest of the hot water. The result? More evenly extracted grounds and a more amazing sweeter balanced cup of filter coffee.

Less Thinking And Better Drinking

Sometimes you just want a great cup of coffee without having to think about time, temperature, and other variables. We agree, which is why Ratio has just one button and no complicated programming. The subtle white lights on the front of the machine will tell you what’s happening with the brew cycle, but you probably have better things to do like catch up on your morning read. Ratio won’t mind at all.

Whether brewing a 1.2 litre carafe for friends at home, for everyone at the office or just a single cup for the road, both should be equally as easy and delicious. Ratio’s design automatically determines the amount of water you’ve added into the tank and adjusts the brewing time accordingly.

You shouldn’t have to be a trained barista to make great coffee, and you shouldn’t have to be an engineer to clean your coffee maker. After brewing, simply rinse out the sturdy glass carafe with hot water, discard or compost the used paper filter, and you’re done. For deeper cleaning every other week or so, Ratio cleaning rinse will keep the water tank and carafe sparkling clean.

The Finest Materials

Beautifully Styled. The Ratio is the first coffee brewer that is truly both, combining form and function.

The materials chosen for the Ratio machine juxtapose the precision of high-tech with the irregularity of beautiful natural finishes. Precision die-cast aluminium bases with premium powder coating finishes are contrasted with beautiful hardwood appointments.

Designed and produced in Portland, Oregon, every Ratio machine is meticulously assembled by hand. While common appliances often have a built-in obsolescence and a life span of maybe 2-3 years, Ratio is designed to last.


What's included inside

  1. Handblown borosilicate Glass Carafe
  2. Silicone Heat Lid
  3. Ratio natural cleaning rinse solution - 1 x 118 mils bottle
  4. Ratio Microfiber Towel
  5. Chemex Paper Filters - 4 sample filters
  6. User manual / Operation guide
  7. Removable power cord



Ratio Eight Ratio Eight
One Button Operation Strength Of Character
Ratio Eight Ratio Eight
Under The Hood Deliciously Simulated Pour-Over

A custom made reusable metal filter for the Ratio Eight. We collaborated with Able Brewing to create a filter that ideally extracts the flavours from your coffee for larger batch brews. The Kone is manufactured in the USA of high quality steel that is photo-chemically etched with a precise array of holes. The quantity, size, and distribution of holes is a proprietary design that produces a very smooth extraction with little sediment.


Technical Details

  • Brews from 500mils up to 1.1 Litres

  • Powerful 1400 watt / 220-240v / 50-60 Hz heating element - 10amp power point

  • Dimensions: D 34.2cm x W 22cm x H 35.5cm

  • Cantilevered top and base made of aerospace-grade die cast aluminium with a satin metallic or gloss finish

  • Laboratory grade borosilicate water lines and carafe

  • BPA-free copolymer water tank, or upgrade to borosilicate glass

  • Glass and or Thermal Carafe, Ceramic Dripper all holds Chemex papers or Able Kone stainless steel filter

  • Hand assembled in Portland, Oregon of custom imported components



  • Precision die-cast metal body with five premium Hardwood contrast finishes

  • Handblown borosilicate glass internal supply lines and carafe

  • Water tank in either borosilicate glass or BPA-free polymer

  • Stainless steel showerhead for even water distribution

  • 1400 watt heating element to deliver water at a constant brewing temperature near 94°C

  • One button to start your bloom and brew process



Ratio Eight Ratio Eight
Optimized Shower Head Die Cast Metal and Hand Sanded Wood
Ratio Eight Ratio Eight
Brew from 2 to 8 Cups Handblown Glass