Q10 Grinder

Q10 Grinder

One of the quickest commercial grinders on the market the Q10 has three programmable settings to suit each individual environment. The easily accessible touch screen display allows for quick adjustments during peak periods & easy access for cleaning.

  1. Three programmable settings including dose on demand, grind on demand and manual grind for individual environments and varying service periods of the day
  2. Touch screen interface allows for quick adjustments to grind time and settings for immediate response
  3. A safety micro switch is located underneath the hopper  only allowing grinder activation when correctly inserted

      Want to know more...

      Q10 is the quickest fresh coffee grinder on the market and is ideal for busy locations that need to maintain high levels of quality and consistency for espresso preparation.

      Q10 will deliver an exact measure of freshly ground coffee on demand for every 1 and 2 cup portions allowing every opportunity to create the consistent cup quality needed to maximise flavour, body and the aroma of the espresso.

      The Q10 incorporates a new touch screen interface allowing easy access and navigation throughout the different programmable features.

      Q10 has super long life grinding blades made from special high tempered steel which last up to 3 times longer than most other grinder blades on the market.

      • Dose on demand: delivering pre ground coffee on demand for the peak trade times.

      • Grind on demand: each dose is freshly ground on demand to maintain coffee freshness.

      • Digital read out for each programmed setting.

      • Digital display for auditing of the coffee servings counter.

      • Precise and easy to adjust grinding control to increase or decrease the selected coffee dose.

      • Alibility to adjust the grinding blades to within 0.006mm offering maximum control of grind selection.

      • The Q10 uses a touchscreen interface to navigate throughout grinder settings.