Meet FrankOne




FrankOne is a coffee brewer developed to produce both hot filter coffee and cold brew coffee on the one device, using the patent pending VacTec Technology.


VacTec uses a vacuum with negative pressure to pull water through a bed of ground coffee, in turn accelerating the extraction time to achieve a smooth coffee with more flavour in a shorter amount of time. The secret is 7psi of negative pressure applied to finely ground coffee.


Delivering the most efficient cold brewing method, FrankOne maintains the same concentration, sweetness, and low acidity of a traditional cold brew, with the finished product ready to drink in as little as four minutes.


Filter coffee that is full bodied, characteristically sweet, and well balanced can be produced to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Golden Cup Brewing Standard from 30 seconds.


FrankOne comes with a reusable metal filter and is rechargeable via USB, which after 2 hours of charge time, will produce 100 coffees.


  1. Record time brewing: Filter coffee can be brewed to Gold Cup standard within 30 seconds and cold brew within 4 minutes.
  2. Sustainable: A reusable metal filter, reducing waste with the use of paper filters.
  3. USB rechargeable: 2 hours charge time equates to 100 coffees.
  4. One device: produces both hot filter coffee and cold brew.
  5. Developing at origin: VacTec is the first coffee brewing method and maker, developed entirely at origin, In Colombia.
  6. Flavour: reduces bitterness and acidity to produce a balanced and smooth coffee.




Dimensions: 12cm (w) x 12cm (d) x 19cm (h)
Materials: Hand blown glass serving carafe, BPA free plastic, reusable metal mesh filter
Power: USB rechargeable
Capacity: 400ml






About the Golden Cup Standard

The Gold Cup Standard is defined by the Specialty Coffee Association. The standard is backed by extensive research and is widely used in the industry. FrankOne takes just 30 seconds with a medium-fine grind to achieve the Golden Cup Standard. If you want to get scientific, check out the graph to the left. The sample we made (red circle) fell inside of the Golden Cup square in green. Note that coffee outside of the standard can be delicious as well! It comes down to your personal preference.

Download the Golden Cup Standard PDF