Faustino by Rocket Espresso
Faustino by Rocket Espresso
Faustino by Rocket Espresso

Faustino by Rocket Espresso

If FAUSTO was going to have a son, Faustino would be small and compact, but like his father, after a plate of Spaghetti, a powerful boy. Faustino is beautifully branded that absolutely completes any Rocket domestic set up in your home or office!

Faustino shares the same precision in quality, features and finish as the bigger Fausto. Sporting only a slightly scaled down power output within a smaller footprint, that of course takes up less space on a benchtop.

  1. The robust interface hosts 3 programmable settings and a continuous dose option, activated by a touch icon
  2. The adjustment mechanism has a zero-point for calibration
  3. A hands-free cradle, with a height adjustable fork to suit all handle varieties
  4. Easy access to the grinding chamber and screwless burrs
  5. The programmed dose setting can be paused mid delivery to evenly distribute the grind particles
  6. 50mm tempered stainless steel flat burrs
  7. Available in Chrome or Matte Black
  8. Weight 6.9kg
  9. Dimensions (w x d x h) 162 mm x 246 mm x 388 mm


Want to know more?

Designing and creating a bespoke coffee grinder that would aesthetically match the carefully considered design of Rocket Espresso’s domestic models was the challenge.

Rocket Espresso have launched the Faustino grinder as a smaller alternative to the Fausto launched in 2015. Both the Fausto and Faustino are tailor-made to fit the required Rocket Espresso aesthetic and provide consumers with an accessory that stylistically matches their espresso machine range.

In essence, Faustino is refined, sophisticated and functional incorporating a new responsive LCD touch screen and display. It comes in four colours that all look beautiful sitting next to any of the Rocket models in the range.

Note: Comparison to Fausto: 11.3 kg - W: 172 x D: 282 x H: 445 (includes Hopper) 350-watt motor / 65mm flat blade.