Etzinger Medium
Etzinger Medium
Etzinger Medium

Etzinger Medium


The Etzinger Medium could be your perfect single origin grinder, it uses a stepless grinding adjustment conical burr system and accurate grind by weight technology.

The Etzinger Medium has a macro adjustment ring that is connected directly to the cone burr, offering 28 steps of 0.1-millimeter increments, with a stepless micro adjustment ring providing an additional 10 demarcations for fine tuning.This guarantees maximum possible accuracy as well as repeatability of grind settings.


Due to minimal residual coffee in the system (around 0.8g), our etzMAX represents one of the best ON-DEMAND coffee grinding systems available on the market.


Cleaning of the grinding chamber is remarkably easy and takes place in no time without tools. After cleaning previous settings can quickly be restored.


Micro/macro adjust and etzJET combined allow for maximum precision in grind dosing (T-version). The W-version features an implemented ACAIA-scale, consequently increasing precision by eliminating cycle variances.


Simplify grinding, ensuring maximum quality.


  1. Burr life-span 1000kg.
  2. Multiple operating modes.
  1. Grind-by - Time
  2. Grind-by - Weight with Intuitive weighing system (tares in less than 2 seconds)
  3. Single Dosing Grinder (with Single Dose Device)
  1. Modular concept to upgrade to the next capacity version.
  2. Colours available in smooth Aluminum (Silver) or Black - Raw Aluminum on request.


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