best home grinder

best home grinder

With the look and build quality of a commercial grinder in much smaller dimensions, featuring the Anfim dosing chamber which is renowned for delivering a precise and neat distribution into the filter basket. The Anfim Best produces impressive grind particle consistency and flavour for the espresso.

  1. 54mm tempered stainless steel burrs
  2. The Anfim dosing chamber delivers a clean drop into the filter basket with the grind particles forming a nice peak
  3. Stepped incremental adjustments an asset for working with espresso or branching into a variety of brewing methods


With the Espresso Company range of semi commercial grinders we are able to provide complete solutions to the fundamental requirements of the most professional home barista needs for prestige equipment: to dispense a uniform, superior, and consistent finely ground coffee for an optimum espresso outcome.

The Espresso Company BEST grinder, with its classic design, optimises the potential outcome when using fresh coffee, a better alternative to using pre-ground coffee for home use. It is equally at home in a small bar, restaurant or espresso bar environment as a second grinder for de-caffeinated coffee beans or a single origin bean.


  • Quality Construction: The powerful motor of these semi-commercial quality grinders ensures consistent grinding results required for high quality espresso machines and ultimate espresso cup quality.

  • Tempered Steel Burr Grinding Wheels: Made of tempered steel, these grinding blades will provide a long life with excellent performance. The consistent grind size is the key in the production of a superior espresso with rich flavour and aroma.

  • Grind Applications: French Press, Percolator, Vacuum Pot, Drip Coffee, Stovetop Mocha, Espresso Machines (for both traditional and pressurised filter handle types).