Bullet R1 By Aillio
Bullet R1 By Aillio
Bullet R1 By Aillio
Bullet R1 By Aillio

Bullet R1 By Aillio


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Meet the Bullet R1. A high capacity, personal / sample coffee roaster capable of roasting 1000g. The Bullet features pre-heating by drum temperature, which gives a super accurate starting point for roasting, and auto compensation on input voltage fluctuations. Roasting has never been this precise and simple and fun.

Variable heating and fan speed ensures you have complete control over every step of the roast. When its time to finish, the external cooling tray will stop the roasting instantly.

1 KG Capacity

A serious coffee roaster starts with a serious drum. With a volume of 6 Litres, and 9 vanes to circulate the bean you will be surprised how even a roast you achieve.

Advanced Controls

Temperature, time, heating and fan, that’s it – except the customs function you can program from the PC. Why make it more complicated when it should be so simple. Bean temperature Rise °C/ min is just one click away. You can see the temperature up to 7 metres away.

Drum Temperature

A backbone feature of the Bullet R1 is the ability to measure the temperature of the drum. When pre-heating before roasting, your starting temperature will always be consistent. A world first, and an absolute necessity if you want consistent results.

Powerful Cooling

Being able to stopa a roast is just as important as the roast itself. A 30W powerful fan makes sure you can step on the brakes whrn the time is just right.

Variable Heating

Depending on how much you choose to roast, you can adjust the power from 200W to 1500W. Don’t worry about voltage fluctuations as this is automatically compensated for.

Variable fan speed

The Aillio exhaust fan is fully adjustable, and the air flow can be varied to suit all the roast stages. Cleaning should be a 5 minute job – not a ‘take the roaster apart job’. The fan is a breeze to remove and clean, and the air-duct is easy to access.

Chaff collector

The chaff collector is easy to dismount, and all you have to do is open the plug at the bottom to empty the silver skin into the trash. Holds enough capacity for 2-3 kg of roasting.

USB Interface PC/MAC OS X

When you are really getting a hang of roasting and want even more control, simply connect your computer via a USB and a whole new world of possibilities opens up.


The Bullet R1 is designed and engineered for super easy servicing and repair should parts need replacing.

Power Supply

220-240V Operates on 10amp power supply