How To - Aillio Bullet R1 V2

Once you have your Aillio Bullet settled, the tips in these videos will help guide you through how to setup your machine, care for your machine and most importantly make yourself a great coffee!


Easy to Set Up

Easy to Use

The Bullet R1 offers such fine control over your roasts that users moving from more simple roasting setups may feel overwhelmed - unless you keep it simple in the beginning and follow our basic guidelines in the manual, in which case the Bullet R1 is perhaps the easiest hassle-free professional-level roaster for beginners to operate.

We'd like to show you what a typical roast on the Bullet looks like. Here's the inventor, Jonas, following the example recipe from the manual:

Easy to Maintain

Like all machines with moving parts, the Aillio Bullet R1 needs some personal attention from time to time. But it is quite easy to maintain. You really just need to focus on keeping it clean.

Check out the videos below for a rundown of basic maintenance tasks.